Weather is cold.

Someone should cuddle with me to keep me warm. Wrap her arms around me, lay her chin on my shoulder. Her hair smelling nice, looking silky.
She whispers into my ears, she utters ” I am loving your touch”

I smile and I can feel her smiling too. I could feel her breath on my right ear.
I could feel the strip of her bra on my right index finger, middle finger and thumb.
Here’s the transcript of hour intimate whispering.

She: Are you having a good day?
Me: It was a long one,i want to enjoy this time.
She: You are in the right hands then.
Me: I am happy to know that. Thank you for your lovely presence. Tell me how’s your day.
She: Great, just wonderful. Now I am here with you so it will become even better and I am certain about that.
Me:You are great at predicting things. You must have some supernatural power. I am going to learn a lot from an individual like you tonight.
She: I am a great teacher.

She: Wouldn’t you want my companionship every night?

(This is unfinished blog, if good response is received I’ll add more to complete it)


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