The art of learning.

The obstacles will keep you from learning anything in this world, so it’s important to avoid the obstacles but even more important to know what the obstacles are and how to avoid them.

I have been reading a book called “Cleopatra , a life”written by Stacy Schief.The goal is to read every page and take a note of anything that is new to me.That could be an English word , phrasal verb ,idiom,a character in the book,a place in the book and anything from which I could learn something new.It is difficult to maintain the consistency in learning because the mind is wayward by nature.

We must get it under our control.The senses are vulnerable to distractions.

We get many negative thoughts such as: Oh it’s not that important to finish that project right now,I can always finish it later,Just because I work hard doesn’t mean I am guaranteed a success,I am working too hard probably that’s why I am not able to achieve the goal,There has to be a smarter way than this tedious and cumbersome approach that I am using currently,I have heard of people who succeeded with less than half of work and efforts that I am putting in.

These are the thoughts that are telling us to escape the situation and quit.Don’t listen to them.Whatever it takes ,you have to do it to achieve your goal.

I use some ways to help me motivate myself to achieve what I need.Some of them are setting a goal small enough that could be done in a day or two and telling myself that if I won’t eat until I finish this task .I engage myself in creative activities like reading,yoga,blogging,talking to strangers ,walking in the sun and so on.With these activities I also apply certain requirements ,in reading I will make a commitment to read at least 50 pages a day or when I blog I must get at least 20 likes or so.That way I can keep the intensity level where I need it to be to keep it serious.

I measure my progress with various factors and units of measurements.When I see that I have achieved what I had expected,I feel contented.

Thank you.




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