Depression? Read hyperbole and a half from Allie.

Depression is my shadow, reading her book was a relief and it felt like I now have a companion. Someone who can relate to me.
I just made a friend.
I will read this book whenever I feel down, low, dejected.
That means I will be reading this book a few hundred times.
Bill Gates read this book and said he liked it was funny and brutally honest, that’s what he said.
I actually read this book only because he had recommended it. But I wonder why he would decide to read this type of book. He would only read books on statistics, specially the statistics related to world poverty, economics, politics of different nations, agenda for economic development of different politicians, computer industry.
But anyhow I enjoyed this memoir of Allie, an Amazing one it was. I learned something from her:how to detail everything honestly and not hide some information. Sometimes I am reluctant to reveal every single detail as I fear readers may not like it. Or may make fun of me but Allie proved it that readers only appreciate it. Thank you Allie, Bill Gates and the readers and listeners.
The world is wonderful when we are sympathetic and compassionate toward each other and are all ears when someone wants to express their deep feelings and emotions.
All they are asking for is they don’t get made fun of.
Thanks and love you all.
Best regards
Just ME.


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