How to be unhappy.

If you have a task or a project assigned to you ,simply ignore it.Ignore all the warnings,don’t listen to the advice of wise people,in fact pretend that you are wiser than them and then tell them off.

Score really low at school,in fact fail the classes.Be lazy.Most importantly put yourself in fantasy mode by lying to yourself that you don’t need to study hard and do good in school because you are magically going to become successful and rich.

Dodge all the public events and gatherings to pamper your inferiority complex.Make up excuses to avoid places and public settings where your ego may become hurt ,where your lack of knowledge and lack of skills may be revealed and your shortcomings may portray your real self in front of others.

Lose the contact with reality and assume that you have fulfilled your responsibilities.Tell yourself that everyone else who is working hard is fool,they don’t know smart ways and short cuts to success that you do know very well.

The above mentioned strategies will assure you misery and failure.You are welcome.


Better title for this post?

How to screw your career.

How to f*** up your life.

How to win a darwin award.



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