Whatsapp is missing these features.

In a group when a message is sent by someone,there’s a double grey check mark next to it.This means not all the members of the group have been delivered this message, either some members’ phone has been delivered this message or none of the members has received this message yet.But it would be helpful if the app if we could somehow show which members received and have read the message already and which members have not.


On a one on one conversation ,two blue check marks mean that the message has been read by a recipient while two grey check marks mean it hasn’t been read by a recipient yet. This indication of two blue check marks could be misleading because when the text message is small enough , then it can be read from just notification panel without even having to go to the app.So what could happen is the sender will see the grey check marks and think oh it’s yet to be read by a recipient but in reality it has actually been read already.

There’s no conference calling feature where more than two people could join on a call.


There’s no way to know or get reminded of special occasions of friends like birthday , anniversary and such to greet them.You have to go facebook if you are friends with them and then you may get notified by facebook . Your near and dear ones could become upset if you fail to greet them specially if they didn’t forget to greet you on your special occasion.


Maximum number of members you can have in a group is 100.Why such limit ?


A sender should have a right to remove a message after mistakenly/accidentally sending an inappropriate message in a group and even individual. I have a few groups that I am a member of. Different groups have totally unique type of contents that are shared depending on the age,gender,age,race,nationality of the group members. My school friends’ group obviously shares some dirty jokes and it is possible that one could mistakenly share that joke with a wrong group where it could be considered inappropriate and offensive,thus there should be a way to remove the message after accidentally sending it to a wrong group.

Admin of the group has ability to add people to group and make them members regardless of people’s willingness to join which is wrong .Actually that person should get a prompt whether they would like to join the group or not.The problem with this is that there may have been times when an individual doesn’t want to join the group but at the same time they also want stay friends with admin and be able to chat one on one.

Some groups are so busy that it’s simply impossible to keep up with volume of messages exchanged and another reason is the difference in time zones. Now in this dilemma you also want to make sure that you don’t miss anything that was directed specifically towards you.Thus there’s a heartfelt need for a filter users could get a unique notification if their name is mentioned in a group.

I have to go now,it’s saturday . I’ll go to a night club and hopefully get what I want.You my reader are one amazing person.Merry Christmas.

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