These facts came as a shock to me.

When I say the title I mean the characters are so popular that I feel I should’ve known this but I didn’t. Every now and then I hear about these characters but just didn’t know about the relationship between them.

Alexander the great was Cleopatra’s on.We have heard so many things about her beauty and she was so glamorous and was the most beautiful woman of her times not only in Egypt but the whole world.Same popularity with Alexander the great on how he was such a great warrior and was so committed to victory and ruled almost everyone .But somehow I just didn’t know the pair was actually a mother and a son.

Norah Jones , a very popular singer is half Indian .She is the daughter of Great classical Sitar player from India named Pandit Ravi Shankar. Another fact with the same family is that Norah Jones is a half sister of Anushka Shankar , a famous classical singer from India.


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