10 characters for a story.A fiction.

Anna picked up the phone at half a ring.

Static in the background could be heard .
Caller wasn’t who she was expecting,it was a call from a Marin county sheriff Hein Donovan , a very reputed and long serving employee of 22 years who has appeared on numerous newspapers and t.v. shows.

Donovan: Is this Mrs.Rose I am speaking to?

Anna: Yes , this is Mrs.Rose.

Donovan: Mrs.Rose I would like to speak to you in person ,  may I ask you to come to the police station as soon as possible?

Anna:(realizing the importance and urgency of the matter , doesn’t care to ask what the reason was ) Sure, I can be there in 10 minutes.

Anna hastily grabs the car keys that was lying on the lamp table ,grabs her purse and storms off to head to police station.At the police station Anna is questioned by sheriff Donovan for about 10 minutes and then let go.

While on her way back home Anna realizes that she had unintentionally answered one of the questions incorrectly and thus decides to turn back to head towards police station.

Denise , anna’s school friend is there at the police station having a conversation with sheriff Donovan. Denise is  a popular criminal lawyer who works for a prominent law firm in Santa Barbara. It was very unusual of him to appear at police station at that hour.


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