What are some of the things you have quit in your life?

Here’s a little bit about my ambitions and then I had to let go with time and a series unsuccessful attempts .

I wanted to become a cricketer since I was as young as 7 years old and up until the age of 16 I carried that dream and aspiration with me. Then I slowly and gradually started realizing that chances of me becoming a cricketer are slim to none. Considering the selection process in the committee , number of people striving to achieve the same goal and some with a skill set way above mine and also the fact that at some point in my life I had to dedicate almost all of my life’s time towards academic education and couldn’t practise playing cricket.

I also at some point wanted to become a fashion model and walk on the ramp but then you realize that there are other models who look way more attractive than I and they also have relatives who work in the same industry to back them . They can easily pull some strings and make their way into the industry while I didn’t know anyone and just based on my qualification I couldn’t have possibility made got my foot into the door.

I wanted to become a politician when young but then I realized that even being able to gather votes from your city to be even elected as a candidate to become a mayor was an strenuous task.


It is very easy to become excited,motivated to do wrong things and achieve something outside of our scope,become over zealous and decide immaturely to accomplish something in the future .But it is very important and critical to know your abilities and even more important to know your limits.You must know how much you can endure and what you are capable of.Counseling is very critical to career choice as going into the wrong field can become depressing and eventually you may quit and move into a totally different industry where you will be required to start from scratch.


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