Mysterious murder that became talk of the town.

Dennis maloy – a correspondent for a leading new channel.
Disha jackson- a tall and fit lady who is a loan approver for a prestigious bank.
Jim northington- A realtor with stellar experience of 20 years in his field.
Ramon martinez- A writer who makes his living by writing for magazines.
Jerry fullerton- An independent insurance agent who is close friends with Disha.
Jerome black- A local musician in a band that performs at various events.
Patricia kirkwood- A grocery store manager at a local chain.
Brianna simons- A sales representative for an electronic store .
George berns- A criminal investigator who has dealt with numerous cases of homicides and is considered expert in his field.
================================================================Crime occurred at an apartment near a chevron gas station at 5:30 p.m.
A lady in her early 30s was murdered inside her apartment.The sight was so gory that just looking at it would make one faint . There were 39 stab wounds , mainly
in the breast and the back of the head.
No one could have imagined in their darkest dreams that a woman like Brianna who always reserved and quiet could possibly have an enemy.
Police were at the scene doing their job.Media reporters were there too when Mr.Berns was making a statement to the media    ” We have never a gory image quite like this before.This was rally a brutal and merciless homicide which will be investigated and as of now we don’t have anymore details. It is too early at this point to say anything more on this case.”

It’s a typical day on a sunny morning with a clear sky .The bank opens at 9 a.m. and Mrs. Jackson is enroute to the bank to start a typical work day .
As she parks her car smoothly in the parking lot , she notices through the glass door of the bank something unusual at the teller window .The surveillance camera system has been pulled down and wires have been detached from the wall.She doesn’t notice anyone in the bank , which is also unusual for her as she would expect to see at least three co-workers every day she starts her shift around this time.


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