Which one was it ? 

I saw you smoking a cigarette , phone in the other hand.

Your hair nice,full breast, a white dress, a necklace shining like a star, a blue and light green colored bangle , dark shades over your head.

I have always liked big women , you satisfied my appetite.

I just wonder which brand cigarette it was that was so lucky to be there on your lips,never thought there will come a day in my life when I will be jealous of dead objects and not only humans.

The way you flicked that index finger to drop the ash ,my oh my.I wish you flicked it into my drink.

Please tell me the brand ,maybe I will start smoking that one .

I will also start carrying a light with me , hoping one day you won’t have a lighter to light your cigarette and I will be standing close to you and you will ask me ” Excsume me, would you happen to have a light on you ?”

I will pretend that I am searching for it ,so at first I will intentionally look for it in the wrong pockets and then after about 4 or 5 seconds I will slip my hand into the correct pocket and hand the lighter to you.

Then I will shake my head and say “Oh, there it is.” Please don’t catch me pretending now.

I wonder if I should just hand it to you ,or you put the cigarette in your mouth and I will light it. I believe the latter option is better as it gives me more opportunity to serve you.Oh boy I better light it properly to impress you with that once chance.

I wonder which lighter would be your preference,there are some that play music when you light them.

Now I wonder which song you like.

I don’t smoke ,is it true that smokers get along with smokers only?

I am fine either way ,I will become a smoker just to be your friend.Actually a close friend because I will be smoking the same brand and with the song of your choice when I flip open my lighter.

I was reading this book about cleopatra and how she ruled her nation with her style,elegance,beauty and power.You have all those qualities.

You better not made the new year resolution to quit smoking,I mean of course I care for your health but at least get to know me first , let’s exchange some digits and then you may quit smoking .

Oh boy,will I be there again anticipating your presence.


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