Big women at yoga studio.

Blonde hair , round waist, perspiration dripping down your  forehead, oh girl grab me and dance with me. I wanna put my arms around you.I like those small red pimples on your skin,I don’t know what the term is in the world of dermatology for that, they probably call it rashes. 

I have fantasized dancing with you at a night club , I think I will be able to wrap my arms around it.My hands are long enough. I like you ,but have never expressed it. One day I will , I will get drunk in order to be able to talk to you.

Today you placed a yoga mat next to me,you asked me if I could move over a little so you could comfortably place a mat there,girl I would do anything to have you do yoga next to me.But you teased me woman,yes you did.That mat was for your friend who is not even as big. Damn I almost asked your friend if you guys could switch the places.

Why ,tell me .  But hey,there’s a mirror in the front so I saw you there.

Low and behold you were there, doing half yoga.Girl you are trying very hard for your body type.

I like bbw,  why would you lose weight and not make me like you anymore?

Yoga mats are good for cushion , but you are good cushion yoga mats.

I wanna see you do yoga next to me,but boy will I be scared when you perform fountain pose. If you fall over and land on me,ooh. I am going to become one tiny man.

I think I will enjoy it htough. 

Hey what types of guys do you like?

One night I was at the club and saw this bbw oh boy her juggernauts got the better of me.I had to go and talk to her.Actually it was two of them,two sisters.Bith big and fluffy ,the one I liked was so curvaceous. She told me she was into big guys only.Man I am slender. More preferred term athletic built. 

If you also like big guys then I can totally put on some pounds for you. I will start going to mcdonalds,burger king and all the other places that can help me achieve the goal quickly.

But I am curious what you eat on daily basis , my mom is big too by the way.

She always said in her defence that some people are just built that way ,it’s not that they eat a lot or eat too much oily , greasy and junk food.

I don’t need an explanation from you,I like you the way you are.

Your sincerely,

slender wanna be bigger.


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