The stand up comedians and their act.

I believe that …… this post can’t begin with I.
A stand up comedy is an act where a person gets up on the stage and tries to make others laugh.
There’s a misconception among some comedians that the more bad words and vulgar language they use the funnier they will sound and audience will enjoy them more.
Another thing to be noticed is a comedian himself or herself shouldn’t laugh much specially when it’s not even as funny as their laughter gestures and audience is not laughing as much. That’s a fail , a fiasco. It’s almost like telling everyone I am feeling so good and confident about this test and when the results are out , you realize moreover others to whom you were so bragging realize that you failed catastrophically.

Insulting someone who is not even heckling is not appreciated. Of course one may argue by saying , well if you want to be funny you have to hurl insults at someone so that should be ok.
Yes, but no need to insult someone for no reason specially be mentioning them in the front row. Just laugh with them.Don’t be harsh.
Also don’t yell and scream for long time into the mic.To tell you the blunt truth , no one enjoys it ,infact it’s annoying.

A skilled,experienced and talented comedian with genuine way for laughter would be decent with their language. They won’t walk around too much while performing on the stage.


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