Oh Karina when will you conduct the Yoga class again?

The tight yoga pants , a pink top ,sleeveless top,a black under garment and sprinkle on top of all that a blonde hair . Oh woman, how can you expect me to do yoga with all these?
You mentioned a few times during the session , you may wanna close your eyes for this. I don’t know why you say that , it probably means you already know how attractive you are. Did you say that specifically to me?
I promise every time you said to keep the eyes closed, I did it. Trust me, I will do everything you say, even though it means losing your sight. My eyes became dry as soon as I shut them but I am happy because that tells you that I am a good student.
My brain doesn’t work when I am nervous , I am amazed that I didn’t faint.I was actually able to follow all the instructions you gave us.
I enjoyed being around you. That music you played in the background , the early morning clouds of the cold season , the transplant glass , the blinds are always rolled up which I always wondered why and thought if any girl ever complained about them being open because obviously they don’t like guys walking by and ogling at them while they do yoga, those lights with orange shade on them that you had placed on the floor a few feet apart from each other , and of course you teaching us yoga.It was almost like you teasing us
when you said welcome to the heated vinyasa flow. The room was heated to 90 degrees , I don’t know how much room heater actually contributed to that and how much you did but all in all I felt warm .You did that backward bending pose , you had me there .So gracefully it was done, my eyes were just there fixated on you.
I can’t believe I went on a date with you in my fantasy while I was actually in your yoga class at a studio.
I don’t know if you like me back , or how much you like me back if you do. But I can’t wait to find out . My body felt really flexible and open after that session with you.
If someone ever asked me what is the secret behind my health , you take the credit Karina.
I would ask you to give me personal tutoring , will you do that?

Lilly is formed by water and roots of the plant.
It all starts with addiction. Anything you try in this world has an essence of it , a flavor , an aroma.


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