Whores and johns.

They smile at you and wave at you , flag you down while you’re driving and if you pull over to talk to them.
whore: How you doing honey? Need some company tonight?
John : Sure, you’re so pretty anyone would want your company.
whore:Do you have x amount honey? I want to have so much fun with you.
John: Yes I can give you that much.
Whore;Doesn’t even ask,just opens the door of the car herself and quickly grabs a passenger seat.so,where are we going?
whore : I have a place, we can go there.
John: ok. (whore starts guiding him to a place that is just around the corner)
whore: (quickly hops out of the car ,peers at John through the window ) let’s go up.

whore and john make their way toward the second floor.John walks closely behind Whore and they enter the room. In 15 minutes John walks out of the room with untucked shirt.
Whore doesn’t walk out along with him.

john gets in his car but doesn’t take off right away , instead he waits for about 5 minutes and then drives off. Whore is still inside the room.

Police shows up at 11:30 a.m. at the inn.
Check out time at the inn is 11 o’clock. Housekeeper knocks on the door to no response.
(it will be continued)


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