Please explain why they do this.


This is a bathroom , a public bathroom.Look at the crease or a little gap between the double doors.Why? What’s the point ?This is a problem at all the public restrooms.

It looks like a very thin crease but from outside one can see a really huge area inside.
Is this some fashion statement to keep up with the trend?
I understand most people are decent and sophisticated but a little percentage of creepers will always peek and walk slowly on purpose and even worse they will just stop and stare.
I have come up with an idea to solve this problem.
I always use papertowel to protect my privacy. See below this is a bathroom at a different public place and see how came up with a clever idea.I am just curious to know what you guys do about this problem,do you just tell yourself ‘oh I am only here for a few minutes no one’s going to come and even if they come they are not going to pick inside. But this problem is really frutrating to me because I don’t sit on a toilet bowl like most others. I sit in a yogi squat also called malasana.If you take yoga classes you may be familiar with that term in Sanskrit. Very curious to know what others think.


Thank you .You are   a wonder of this earth.


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