The cashier who said wonderful things to me.

You made my day.
You greeted me with a smile.You asked me to take a survey and offered a couple of bottles of water. Scanned my groceries ,it was only two packets pf chips but still I felt special because you did at self check-out .you also ave me a free bag to my groceries in,not that it was a huge value but then again I am just wondering why.Whether you are into me or you were just simply happy that day , but either way I was just elated to receive that excellent service from you. You said at least three times that I am very nice .
I want you to know that I will always be nice to you, I can never imagine myself being rude to pretty women . I love your presence,be with me,look into my eyes,smile at me,tell me about anything I promise to listen carefully.
I have never been helped at quick check-out because the whole purpose of self check-out is that a customer scans it very quickly as they don’t have many items and can get out of the store quickly by not having to stand in long lines at regular check outs. I like you ,I will probably never be able to profess it.
I want to hold your hand and walk with you side by side.You tell me about your day and I will share my day with you.


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