Walking in the sun.

Basking in the sun.
They claim the credit but no one should tolerate that.
Boobs,big boobs. Cuddle them,slap them , move them side to side.

She must smile at me when I do that and say oh boy you are so funny.
I want her inside of me. I do, she knows it.She likes me to. She is older than me,in her 40s.
She wears that red dress, like a frock.I can see her calf and sheen.
Look at me , smile , maintain the eye contact.

Can we make them smile,laugh,make them feel like they are with a funny and positive person?
Remind her that you care.Don’t say it,prove it.You will treat her like a queen.
She matters in your life. The goal is to reduce the number of awkward , low energy and uncomfortable moments.

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