Find your problems and start solving.

Problems that I face are complex just like any other person’s problem.

One of the costliest problems I face is trying to determine and distinguish between nice and bad.

In terms of people, things and other areas I fail to make the right decision.

I should learn who is well wishing or nice and who is there to hurt me and are selfish and are there just to take advantage.

I believe it is called Brahma gyaan.

I am going to be the happiest man when I learn Brahma gyaan and know how to distinguish between the two  and become master of it.Thus I can weed out the unwanted and uninvited.

Once you know what is not good for you be it people,place,things,edibles . Stay far far away from it and if that thing tries to come into your life,take action right away and threaten them if they ever came they will be facing legal actions.

Good luck to you all.



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