Kites oh Kites I so wanna be you.

Kites fly high up in the air.
You float really high , sailing through the winds I can just see you and envy while standing morose at the land .

Different colours of you levitate in the air, communicating wih the wind, no boundaries no limits and restrictions , sail wherever , destination is not oredetermind unlike us humans , land wherver and not be yelled at.

Your life is amazing , you don’t have to listen to alarm , no boss , no bills to pay,no tickets to pay,wake up whenever fall asleep whenever wherever .

But hey you kites may I ask you something?Do you guys have night clubs, ice cream places, fancy cars, pretty women,and many other things?  NO han….. then suck it…

It is so much fun down here you dimwits.Look at us, we enjoy delicious,mouth watering, finger licking good food and drinks.

We go to night clubs hang out with beautiful people.Boy you have one depressing life you stupid kite.

You thought you made my life miserable by snatching my gf’s shirt while she was playing volleyball with me at the beach?

Hell to the no… look I just took her to victoria’s secret and bought a new one. Now with this new shirt on she looks even more dashing and hot. And look at you stupid ,ugly , naked kite.You have no fancy clothes to put on.Shame on you , my gf pities on you.She made me laugh last night while we were in bed, she said I wonder how that kite is going to put on my shirt she stole, does she have someone to help with it ?

I said I don’t think so then we both high fived and mockfully laughed at your misery and pain while the great sex in bed.Oh believe you little kite I had so much fun taking her new shirt off slowly and erotically.

I hope your life gets better. And yes one more thing this weekend again we will be hitting the brach to play some more volleyball , My gf will definitely put her shirt there by the net,open invitation to you dumbass.

Be there , because guess what Vicori’s secret nevr fails to bring new and sexy clothing.

See ya .

Your sincerely

Guy from the land whose life is blissfull.


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