Secret……. I am going to do this

Don’t tell anyone , this thing must not be revealed.

Keep it hidden from others, they want to know desperately.We will ensure they don’t get to know about this.

I am going to eat gelato at a creamery,they have very good reviews on yelp.

I will share with you some details on how it was,if you insist.

Rich with nuts, cashews,almonds, pecans ……

Oh I am craving that gelato right now.

No one is going to join me in this journey.

I wish to savor the moment. 

I will quietly walk into the store, see the menu, look at the toppings through the corner of my eyes  so no one is looking at me and swiftly walk upto the cashier and order a gelato and toppings.

If she refuses to give me that you know what my plan B is, don’t you?

I will order a different flavor ,to which she must submit or I will order the third kind.


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