Solving the biggest problem of the world.

More and more jobs need to be created.
Poverty-stricken people can be taken out of extreme poverty only by offering them the opportunity to work.
But how do we create jobs in a stable manner and give relief to those in need and help the poor prosper and flourish.
Why don’t we learn from developed nations or why can’t we apply the same principles to uplift the standards of our citizens?
The economic conditions of the country need to be changed for the better.
Poverty is a sin ,it’s a crime,crime against humanity by humanity.
When I see little kids without shelter,sleeping on the streets,walking barefeet,torn clothes,begging for money,sometimes forced in such harsh conditions and situations that they may have to steal for food or even get beaten up by other poor and desperate kids for food.
A citizen should be looked at as an asset not as a curse or a liability to the nation.
A person deserves a certain amount of respect and rights , these rights should be given to each individual upon birth and must be protected up until their death.
I believe an individual has a right to attend school and be able to afford it, right to shelter,clothing to cover their body,food to feed their hunger , a platform to prove their abilities their worth and accomplish what they desire in life.
Filthy rich,obscenely wealthy people need to spread the message,be the role model for poor than something else of lower dignity.
Schools have taught me one thing.Education is your power and once you achieve it don’t misuse it.Use it to uplift the poor and help those in need.
The abilities and talents go unrewarded and unrecognized when opportunity is not given to those talented people from a huge pool.
United Nations has a definition of poverty.
Goal is to attack the poverty not the poor.
Inter disciplinary panel in UN claims that the poorest billion need a lot of help.
What ways can we go about to reach this goal of bringing them out of the mess?
Has it delivered the promises it made or done satisfactory job and made efforts toward reaching the goal?
Economy has a dowbturn , what causes it , poor people are dying , I am crying.I am heart broken, sad, depressed.
God has blessed me with shelter,food,safe place, good health and am economically sound enough that I can buy decent services to survive in this mean world.
A person going to bed hungry is a sin, I say it is, may it be written or not in any religious book.But I say it with certainty that it is a shame for humanity.
These are the only people who are sadly affected the most by natural calamities. flooding,severe weather like cold and scorching hot weather, unhealthy water, unhealthy living conditions and such.
The literacy ration is so low that it directly and negatively impacts the health and economic standards of families.They don’t realize how humans become sick , how important it is to wash hands,keep house and surrounding areas clean and sanitary.
Should they have their own economy? Does barter system work there? Immigrant population in United States of America knows some of the realities of this poor people.
I wish no poverty by 2030.
I want every kid to be able to get world class education, food and shelter.Reading annual letter about the progress from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a blissful moment.
God bless all.


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