Approach women in this manner.

Approach without a smile but also don’t keep grouchy,unpleasant and angry looking face and please look approachable at the same time.
Don’t smile because if you do then that’s you begging for something and asking for help and her approval.You are going to tell her something , nice and pleasant.
Depends on the scene ,time of the day , what she could have been upto at that time(of course there’s no way for you to find that out but it matters),the ambience and such factors.
A remark that can work: I like the weather today(you aren’t asking her opinion,you are simply stating your own opinion),I am so happy today is friday if it’s friday , or you can say it for any other day just come up with a good reason like I am so happy it’s Monday because I love my job and my co-workers , it’s always fun to see them specially right after a weekend because there are somethings to share that happened over the weekend.
I don’t like your dress , it’s too long from the bank or it has a very light or dark color.But that’s fine since you are pretty it kind of makes up for that lack of a good dress.

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