Find a friend who can put a meaning to your life.

Walk with a smile,seem to be approachable , joyous and attract others with your mesmerizing eye contacts.

Have a smell of freshness in the soul , heart and mind.

Love , be friendly , respect, earn dignity through this.

Those who bring you down,need to be gone.Disconnect yourself from those blood sucking evil monsters.

Threaten them with legal steps if they ever enter your area again.

Eyes are like an ocean , if you have the curiosity and willingness you can see much through them.Someone’s eyes can reveal more things than you might imagine.

I enjoy looking into the pupils of pretty women’s eyeballs.It forms a connections without even speaking a word.

Smile on top of that…………. oh boy you got a date right there.

Go ahead ……..enjoy your night out or a day out.Hook up with someone.Have fun in life,spice it up, make it so interesting that your life becomes the reason for envy of others.

Good luck and Almighty will bless you.


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