If you aren’t mentally prepared , you won’t get it.

Whatever it might be,  promotion at work, woman of your dreams, a business opportunity, a friend , a partner, sudden wealth, a car , a house etc.

You have aura in you that attracts and repels everything around you which also includes dead objects.

Ready yourself , present the aura that demands the things you desire and claims  that you are all ready to go for it.

Fantasize in your mind already possessing the things you long for even before you achieve it. Manifest them successfully and with such a strong will that those tings ought to come to you knocking on your door.

Grab them as you see them , don’t let them fly by.They are ours, they belong to you.

Your name is on it. Take it as it is yours legally.you have worked for it , longed for it , desired them in your hands . You were made for them.They were made for you.





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