I am alive, still.

Depression hasn’t taken over my wish to stay alive and hope the fun will give meaning and purpose to this so called life.

Failure has taken a toll, repeated failures. Time is teaching me , how to value what is ignored.

I am crying,you can’t see tears in my eyes but am crying.

Being alive feels good ,it does, to most of the people but not me.

A drag , yes time stretched beyond capacity to tolerate.

Each breath is heavy, meaningless , painful, filled with agony, anger, regret, tears .

GOD is great , punishment I deserve is assigned to me on earth. Paying a hefty amount , can’t afford but the bills are due, bills of sins.

Surviving is good. At least I won’t pay interest, don’t wanna carry over.Just pay it all and take a last deep breath.

It will be a complete bliss. 


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