Pretty girl at the night club.

You are probably classy and beautiful, I have learnt from experiences because classy people don’t smile at others they don’t know.But You are just beautiful,amazing. I couldn’t talk to you , I tried for two hours to gather courage and ensure that it doesn’t get awkward.
I didn’t talk to you and eventually a guy approached and started talking to you,then he invited his friend hwo also joined and accompanied your blonde friend.
They bought a drink at the lower level bar, you all four didn’t leave together at the end of the dance-night and that was a sign that you guys didn’t hit it off.Made me a little hopeful that if I ever see you again , I should strike up an interesting conversation.

That black dress on you though , don’t know the name of it , I didn’t get tired of looking at you. you looked at me once the very first time I noticed you too. It felt so good inside when we made that eye contact.I was wishing you would make some remark like “hey, how’s it going or hey are you enjoying the night? or hey you don’t wanna dance?” but you didn’t asy anything , you should know if a guy is shy then don’t wait for him to approach you.Just walk upto him and say something,break the ice.Then I am sure I will talk to you without shyness or fear.
I keep a smile on my face, hands out of the pocket and not crossed to make sure anyone feels like talking to me as I would like to seem approachable.


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