The natural beauty, the trees.

Tree oh tree I wanna climb on you.I wanna sit on your firm branch, pluck some leaves and rest my head on your cold post made up of wood.
You are tall and nice, you don’t have ego.I like that , love people like you, down to earth.I love the smell of that glue coming out of you. I have heard it is used to make glue , does it hurt when people try to extract that out of your body? I am sorry on their behalf if it is painful.If I had the right to stop them I would stopped them long long time ago.
You know what I like ? about you ? When it rains I like to stand underneath your big and wide branch and you protect me from rain.Even worse is when people cut you off, right from the bottom.They do it build roads,businesses and other industrial and commercial buildings. I sob and cry when I witness you being chopped off the place called home , where you have been living your whole life.
You offered the shadow to those who were tired of standing and walking in the scorching heat and sun that would hurt their skin, you protected those who were getting wet in downpour , you provided life to all by offering free oxygen and you sucked in carbon dioxide inside your own body .
It’s almost like they put seeds there to serve their self-interests and once done they cut you off,like you don’t belong there.
I wish I could stop it.My hands could not prevent that, saw you leaving , being taken into the truck.

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