Prank videos on youtube , are they fake?

Youtube pranks are fun to watch , kill time while laying on the bed.
Do you know most of them are fake?
How can I /You tell?

There are several ways to detect the fake prank once you analyse the situation and reactions and reaction times of the subjects in the video you wil be able to tell with certainty that the video was staged .And the subjects are all in on it.

For example let’s take into consideration N-word prank by Roman Atwood.He walks around in the hood and approaches black people saying “What’s up my Neighbour” or “Maaaiiiii NNEighbaah”
and it definitely is misheard by black people as him saying Nigger instead neighbor.
Then when they get pissed and confront him about that offensive word he reveals pointing his finger in the direction of the cameraman saying “It’s a prank .”
Then if you look carefully subjects eyes go right at the camera.Now this cameraman is approximately about 30 to 40 feet away from the subject and there are also other people walking buy in that vicinity.The thing to wonder is how do they know which one is the cameraman and where the camera is? Out of all the people in that area how can they so easily spot the camera .
And also if you look at the reaction of the subjects when he reveal it’s a prank , that’s another signal where you can tell it’s staged.Subjects upon revealing go like “Oh it’s a prank , hahaha , you got me man . damn you’ll got me (laughing and shake hands with him like like they are so happy to see him).
If you ask me if the prank were real then anyone’s gut reaction even after revealing wouldn’t be happy and charming.You would still be pissed at the fact they made fun you and more so because they are trying to put on internet for millions to see. It would take you a while to calm down and chill and start laughing.Because it’s a hood not some wealthy neighborhood, where people are very decent and very calm and collected.
I am sure you have heard of stories where people got shot just for mugging at them for a second, or even just looking up and down at them. Even after someone says sorry to them they don’t lose the anger right away , it takes them really long time to relax. You can only imagine how pissed they would be when they are called the N word or something similar sounding to it to play a joke.

Thank you all for listening , please share your thoughts here.
Blessings and regards.


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