The price of the sins.

Just a little note here, no one demands the unwanted thing unless hatred involved toward the other person.

I must let you know that God’s plan was to make humans love each other and make peace.

hehe, he thought so , but you know what happened.

Peering from up there he watches us over and notices the activities going on down on earth.He smirks and says “Why the heck did I create heaven and earth?”

In the eyes of a God” this world has become hellhole.”

Who is to blame?The god? The whole humanity? some of the humans?

One things is for certain , the evil of all root is money.

It has made even the cleanest and strictest of the people lose ethics and principles.

But this money instrument also keeps the world going and helps us serve each other by exchanging it .

Towering over he sees us humans which looks like little aunts to him from up there, he wonders how do I solve this problem?

It’s a catch – 22 for him , money causes and solves the problems at the same time.

This is intriguing .

I am baffled, he says of the dilemma.

Like it or not , I will go down there and solve it.

Please let it be soon,before more innocent people die and suffer.

Punish those who deserve it God, help the innocents.

We need you , we weep and wait for your arrival.

No human can solve this no matter how powerful and ethical.

You are needed God , here and now.

Not in future.Owl calls you , I walk in the garden and hear them.

The squirrel , the cow, the birds of this planet all anticipating your arrival.

They love you , you love them .

It is late already.








































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