Where and when I lost it , I don’t remember.

Rain falling down reminding me of childhood days, taking me back to the memory lane is just nostalgic feeling.
I used to make a boat out of paper like any other kid and help it sail. Remember making that electric or battery powered boat with my neighbour which was fun it just kept turning instead going straight in a line.But I was happy and felt the sense of accomplishment as I saw the boat sail slowly on the water in my bath tub.Radius of that circle created by my electric boat, probably 1 and a half feet.
What hit me , no one knows.I started losing intereting in things that any other boy around my age would enjoy dearly .I lost interest in life altogether.In the world of psychology experts claim that being bullied,declined by your love, getting catastrophically poor grades in school, being insulted in front of people,loss of a loved one and such events could send someone in trauma and depression .I don’t remember being a victim of any such incident that could send one into depression and lose interest in life significantly.

The hope is alive, depression needs to die.It will one day , I will win over depression.Maybe if I think hard enough I may be able to recall such an event but then again I only wonder if that ought to serve as a remedy or make matters even worse for me.
Fire within has died , there is no light within .
Prefer to stay away from medicines, I believe problem can be taken away from root by applying the correct solution. I have always preferred to solve any health problem without the use of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies have their personal interest , so they advertise it heavily trying to convince us that without their pill you are miserable and nothing can else can resolve your health issue.There are other ways to remedy any health issue, be it physical or mental.For now I have resorted to yoga and meditation to ease my pain and eventually completely nullify it.


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