What is pre-conceived notion?

I am wrong.Ego comes in your way to speak out this statement.Try it , you may fail unless you are really enlightened.Your mind has evaluation about everything in this world, the perception, the value and worth of everything. We offer and deliver respect to people and things based on how we value them.Love , respect, honor,dignity, bond, affection,sympathy,compassion ; these virtues go towards the things and people we admire and value more or perceive to be worth more than others.How do we determine this?
Our past has associated certain things,people,traits and characteristics of people and things, their behaviour, appearance, status in the society , their popularity ,class,status and image among society are some of the things we consider when judging or determining someone’s worth.
But does the cost or worth of someone vary from region to region? Do people evaluate other people differently in different regions or geographical locations?
Why does it happen? What are the forces or factos that play role in coloring people’s opinion?
Let’s say an individual is not known to certain people in a certain region. They can only see him/her(I will use they as a third party singular pronoun to avoid having to use him/her or avoid using his or her to avoid being labeled sexist)
Your instinct relies on your guts.Your decision is based on your understanding about the universe. You derive your judgement from your logic and reasoning.Discrimination and preference are two uncompatible words, atleast in America. Why do we hesitate to openly welcome the unusual , the things and people we are not aware of or we don’t know much about?
It’s a human nature , it’s our defense system or mechanism that cautions us to become protective.We feel the urgent need to defend ourselves, our society , we feel threatened and unsafe around unheard of unrecognised people.

I feel safe and comfotable walking around the streets outside of my house around 10 p.m. but I wouldn’t feel the same amount os safety with same amount of confidence around some other streets at the same time. Even though I know that statistically both the areas are equally safe or dangerous around that time of night.
In fact I can go to the extent of saying that if I know that statistically and evidently my city is a little unsafe compared to other city , I will still feel safer walking around streets by my house than other streets of othe areas.
Why must the decision making process depend on our past experiences and knowledge we have gained thus far.


The title could have been what is discrimination?



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