The definition of depression.

You are alive to kill the reamining time. You wish you could bring the last closer,wish you could make it tomorrow even today.You watch others enjoying ,laughing, having fun in their lives , be it social or personal.

No one wants to listen to your story, you care to share to some and not to others.

The world is there intact,smiling,colorful,full of energy and brimming with enjoyment.

Fire within has disappeared,energy is gone , life has disappeared.

  1. Let it be known that past events occurred, can’t be changed , can’t be reverted, but most importantly they can be forgotten.
  2. Don’t ruin the present regretting about the past, analysing what actions could’ve been taken instead of the actions that were actually taken
  3. Engage your mind in yoga,reading,socialising other creative activities to prevent your mind from residing in the past and reliving the moments as it’s nothing but a waste of time.

Learn,grow,God will solve it. I promise and so does God.


Yours lovely and nice.


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