The statistics of road accidents.

The statistics of road accidents.
How do you know which regions have the most accidents?
The fact is that regions with extreme weather conditions could experience the most collisions.
Cars and safety features.
Rain and fog and snow are the reasons most of the times when accidents happen.
Using cellphone while driving, engaging the self in multi-tasking which could be reading, eating,drinking,talking to passenger and directly looking at them and looking away from the road could add danger to your safety and others’ while driving.
Road rage occurs when drivers are not paying attention on the road and because of their reckless driving it could be interpreted by other driver who are very close to you as you harassing them and bullying them on purpose.
Not giving a room to others when tey show signal to merge into the lane is a reason drivers get pissed and offended.

Blind spots are dangerous when overlooked and not paid attention to while merging onto the freeway , shifting lanes and taking exits.
Smaller cars are really dangerous because they are easily invisible in blind spots compared to big cars and also they can get easily damaged and people inside these cars are very vulnerable to injuries.
Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign is dangerous for pedestrians , other vehicles driving and passing by in perpendicular and opposite streets .
Driving over the speed limit can cause unsafe driving conditions for drivers on the road and pedestrians.

Jay walkers can also cause accidents but they have a way gith, right of way.
True intentions and desires of oter drivers could be vile as you may have noticed that some drivers simply want to enrage and frustrate others for no reason.They cut in front of you very closely and come right in front of your car and slow down significantly sand thus you have to suddenly come to a screeching halt.

Of course drunk driving is the most obvious one reason why people get killed in accident.

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