Learning from George RR Martin the skill of story telling.



How to develop characters , their background ,strength ,relationship with other characters is a tedious and time consuming work.
Learning the art of creating stories that keep the readers engaged and fully immersed in it is a great art.

Millions of readers are curiously and impatiently waiting for the next book to come out.He is my idol as keeping a fanbase of millions of people and constantly getting more and more people ot become fans is an amazing skill and talent.George RR Martin is a wise , clever felow.Sir George R Martin is better way to call some to offer the honor when they accomplished so much in life.
Patience is a friend of quality .It is hard to stay patient when you knoow that a lot of your fans are waiting and it’s been a long time since you last delivered the previous book.
My blog has a accumulated a total of a little over 1200 likes and that’s from over 300 posts.So it turns out that an average post on my blog has 4 likes, yes mere 4 likes.The most likes that any of my post has is 8 likes.
Had I delivered just one or two posts I could have acquired more than 1200 likes just from those two posts.So what’s keeping me from Posting high quality content.
I have seen posts from other bloggers who are so wonderful at delivering fine content that their average post has over 300 likes and a few hundred comments.This goes on to show that if you have a quality product or service it can not only create fans but also it can get people talking and dicussing.While on my sad blog there are only 15 comments minu 4 if you take out my own comments.
Just a note here, No one cares about low quality work with a very affordable price, people are willing to pay higher price if the product has a quality in it. George RR Martin is in his old age , his promise is to deliver the content that satisfies the need and the expectation of his fans.
His promise is to not disappoint , his promise is to offer the fine reading that can fulfuill the demands,requests and wishes of his fans.
I have respect for him and he is my inspiration .


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