Where is your mind?

Is it wondering or wandering?

Do you lie to your self when making a retreat from mission?

please listen to the God, the winners, the inspirational characters, the motivators and learn the formula of success from them.

Excuses,procrastinations,laziness,boredom,blame game are all the characteristics of losers and runner ups.

Are you lost and have you veered off the path of success and creativity.

Want to know how I control my fickle mind?

I challenge myself to small goals and strive to accomplish those goals by a certain deadline.

These goals become my religion and I pray to them.I don’t let anythings else enter my mind and sway me or distract me.

I tell myself if I don’t accomplish these then I am horrible person and when I achieve them I reward myself with whatever I like, be it dinner,coffee,clubbing, movie , friends,party etc.


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