Quest for treasure is on.

No one is talking to me now, I am alone.

Depressed, trying to live in a fantsy the rest of my life as if it is going to bring some wonders and magic into my life .

Reality should have been met with long long time ago. Who cares about the world when your life is painless and full of luxury,liberty and freedom.

Whose fault is it, no one knows but one thing is certain some is st fault.

life is supposed to be cheerful, meaningful,joyful and full of spirit.

Let it be known that psychology is a huge field that solves all the psychological problems of humans .

Fire from withing doesn’t die unless extinguisher is used .

Quest for treasure is on, the goal is to find the grit within.

How do you locate it , rejuvenate the cells , reignite the fire , keep the flamees going and get back in the race?

Assemble the pieces that were disoriented. We are all dealt with some cards that we need to play with, can’t complain that the hand is weaker . You can only develop the strategy to win even with weak cards. You won’t be able to change the cards you were given , do you still want to complain or just proceed with the game like a winner?

With the courage and patience one can move on , slowly but surely the progress can be made.Do it with the grace, be enviable.

full of spirit and zeal the winner walks into the battlefield and wins the battle. everyone left awestruck and clapping to honor the victory of a winner.



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