The amazing uniqueness of people alive and dead.

How many people have dies so far?

I believe rthe number is in trillions yes not in billions but trillions.

I heard somewhere I am not making this up.

What are the chances that someone from cemetry could give us the reliable answer to this?

We are talking the times since the very first human was born or shouls I say evolved.

We all evolved from apes , so ever since humans were born sonce then over trillion people have born and died.

I can’t believe these many have people born and died as this number is humongus.

What I am wondering is the fact that finger print on each individual is unique.That means not only all alive people but each person that has ever lived and died had a finger print that matched with no other.

The science is amazing and mind blowing . This finger print fact is just very hard to wrap my head around .

Bio metrics of people can uniquely identify an individual.All in all this fact is amazing and can be utilized to solve so many problems around the world concerning the security of people.

Realying on keys,passwords , patterns is very tedious and time consuming.

I also just realized that each individual has unique finger print on each finger,thanks to Ipad Air 2. I registered an index finger on my left hand and tried unlocking my Ipad with right hand’s index finger and I failed. If we actually do the math it is a trillion or so times 10 , it is that many unique finger prints and growing exponentially.

I haven’t even checked th finger prints on my feet , I should try them out on my Ipad.

If they are also unique then a trillion times 20 , that many unique finger prints and growing even more exponentially.

How can this happen? If you look at the region that contains finger print on our fingers , it is so small thAt it is almost impossible to contain about 10 or 20 trillion different permutations or combinations.
Unlocking my Ipad has been fun so far and will always be.

I am intrigued and baffled.

Will it ever happen that God will say or some scientists will say that “Okay now we are running out of possible combinations and thus from now it is possible that an individual could have a finger print that has already been used by or assigned to some other individual in the past”
If there is no curiosity there is no learning.

Love you all, blessings.


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