To the big woman who didn’t even look at me.

Big woman who didn’t even look at me.

You dumb bitch you have no idea how much you lost by ignoring me.

You missed an opportunity to look at the most interesting guy in the world.

I could have been your friend for life yes for life.

You probably thought you are too classy for e.G o die with some ugly person,cunt.

Your loss not mine.

I could have licked that clitoris better thn anyone else.

I have big fingers, really big.

I could have given you the pleasure you probably haven’t dreamed of even in your most fantasized dreams.

I could have grabbed that beauty from behind in our room to squeeze it like a lemon.And you would moan in pleasure, saying harder harder even harder.

Fetish , oh woman don’t even get me started on that.I could have been the kinkiest guy in the world with you.I have ropes, shackles and whatnot.

This could have been one freaky , naughty may be even nasty night with you.

Thanks for ignoring . Hope you get pleasure from that wimp, but you know what that son of a gub is probably not wimp in your eye,because he feeds you real well.

When he goes on a vacation, holler at me.

I will come over. 


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