Ego and what it means to carry it.

Never learning and getting angry at people for nothing is the basic nature of it.Interpreting others’ behavior and actions as insulting and disrespectful for no reason is the basic and fundamental ideology or mentality behind this.

Far from reality an egoistic person believes that he/she is very talented and deserves a whole world of respect for themselves.

Fight when not needeed,argue when not needed and remain idle when action is needed is the main characteristic of any egoistic individual.

Fail the grades in school ,  leave the real world behind.

An ideal egoistic person can’t get along with new people, it takes them a while to settle and be friendly with them.

The brain is limited just to the perception of one’s own and doesn’t care to realise and understand the other peopole’s view point.

Learning disability is at its highest peak and it is almost impossible for a person to grasp any new knowledge.

Difficult to become friendly and make new friends.

There is always anger and frustration within the person.


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