Big women are built for me.

They know it when they see me , they can sense it ,the chemistry , the love and the passion.They want to talk to me but they are shy maybe lacking confidence.
I adore them , respect them.
They are sensual in my eyes, the moment I see them I think of hollywood and red carpet.
The curves make me think they are supermodels or come from really affluent family background or some movie or fashion industry background .  I rely on aura too much , I think that if I have positive thoughts when i am around them then they will approach me and talk to me,but I must know that they are women and they need to be approached by men .So I must feel the obligation to approach them .
I want to talk to them, sit and have a drink with them,make them smile, laugh and enjoy the night.
I want to hold their hands , walk with them , hear what they have to say, I am all ears.

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