Bolo bolo kuch to bolo.

Here’s a list of Bollywood songs that made me feel like I was in love even though in the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t.  It feels good to live in a fantasy for a few seconds every once in a while. These romantic songs just made me wanna go out and hug a pretty girl I liked in school and ask her out not worrying about being turned down.

1. Gazab ka hai din from qayamat se qayamat tak

2.Ho gayi hai mohabbat tum se

3. Aate jate hasnte gaate socha tha maine

4. Prit ki latt mohe aisi lagi

5.Najane kabse umiden kuch baki

6.o humdum soniyo re

7.sathiya sathiya ( movie saathiya)

8.woh lamhey wo baatein

9. Kuch na kaho kuch bhi kaho

10.  Tinka tinka zara zara

When I hear these or other similar songs, the strings of my heart play song like guitar.


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