Get a life, Interpreting it the right way.

In the midst of severe depression , resorting to Yoga has been a wonderful and a wise decision that I have made. Experiencing energy and a positive outlook toward life has been something I have loved to experience for the first time after a long time.When I say long time , I mean after more than 18 years. This question occurred to me a few minutes ago today , this wasn’t the first time after Yoga that I had this question in my mind. But I enjoy the feeling and moment whenever this question pops up in my mind.It is a very refreshing feeling,something that makes me feel that I am alive and intend to achieve things in this beautiful life. Do you have a life? Or get a life. What does it mean when we say this statement or someone says that to us.How do we interpret this? Most of the times when someone says get a life it is thought to be offensive and insulting. To make sense of this , here is my interpretation. Do you have a goals in life?Do you strive for things , try to achieve them and follow the chores to achieve them religiously? What is the feeling when you fail to achieve them or when you successfully achieve them ? Do you make sure you have a plan to successfully accomplish the task? As you get up in the morning , is it one of the first few thoughts that enter your mind? How has your diet and daily habits shaped or changed to fulfill your dream?


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