Which way are you going?

Ignorance is bliss, let’s face it.

Dumb people will be around you unwantedly and unexpectedly and you can’t control it ,that’s just sad.

But is there way to steer away from the herd of petty people so you don’t go through suffering?

Is there a way to block them off completely?

But how do you determine upon first sight that magically raises the red flag and tells you to be alert?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do that.

You must not be distracted from your goal and mission , no matter how much petty people try to frustrate you.

Let your fire,strength,stamina,power and will remain up to par.

Stay strong and ignore the little people with little intentions.

The less you seem distracted,the more frustrated they become.
Thus you are becoming a successful person and proving them ignorant and petty and outright failures.



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