Women want energetic guys.

She said I am going to catch em all.

Was she referring to pokemon cartoons or the guys at the club?

She is attractive , no denying.

Fuller breast and big buttock like Kim Kardashian.

I overheard her saying , I want some meat tonight.

As they saw me at the bar She smiled slyly looking at her friend through the corner of her eyes as if she had achieved something.

I liked it, that’s why I do Yoga so seriously.I know the plentiful benefits Yoga offers and I am taking advantage of it.

Yoga makes me strong physically,I have achieved toned and lean muscles with it,I have a glow on my face that makes me look shiny and full of energy.

This radiating glow or a beam is what makes me look like a person who wants to achieve things in life and this is what attracts women toward me.

Psychological strength has also made tremendous difference in my outlook and view toward life.

I have a reason to live happily , enjoy things in life and share beauty of the world with others and inspire them.

I do strenuous Yoga poses all the time to achieve more from it . 


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