Conflict and a clash, how do you define them?

How do you determine that two things conflict and thus only one and the better one should be done.

If you were in a situation where your friends are calling you to a night out at a popular night club or a restaurant and let’s say you haven’t accomplished your chores for the day or even certain goals in life are yet incomplete and unfinished on your part.

Would you agree to go out with them and put your goals behind ?

Would you lie to yourself and say that you are going to finish them later but first you must go to a party while you know deep inside yourself that you’re already behind and you’re never going to finish that goals.

Prioritizing things is so important to succeed in life. Tasks have deadlines and once they are past due , it simply means that one is lazy,careless and doesn’t realize the importance of finishing the task.

In life one must realize that no task is small and unimportant , if it is something that makes your life better then do it.

Discipline comes with courage,patience and persistence. Without discipline no one can succeed in life.

If you know something that needs to be done and is still pending , leave everything else behind and get on it.

Nothing can give you more pleasure than finishing the task that is due.Once you complete it, you will feel the bliss.

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