Don’t ever lower your standards for someone . 

No matter how much you like someone and want to talk to that person and be with them , always maintain your class and standards. Never put someone ahead of you. They are not more important than yourself. 

The more you try desperately the more you will lower your standards and definitely the more that person will be attracted to you. 

Focus on your goal, dream, ambition and have aspirations in life. 

Never be so madly after someone that you put your life and your goals second and put that person first. 

In fact I believe that if you concentrate on getting your tasks accomplished, achieving goals and getting ahead and successful in your career ,either that person (your crush ) will automatically come into your life or   you will have someone else who is even more attractive  , classy, interesting  , valuable and successful  in your life. Stay classy. 

No one should come ahead of you. 


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