I’m so proud of myself. 

For following reasons. 

I don’t play Pokemon go. I believe if you are 25 or over and still play Pokemon go, something’s wrong with you. If one still plays that game then I assume he lives in his mom’s garage and doesn’t have a job. 

I never threw garbage on the street even if the nearest garbage bin was really far.

Never yelled at my manager even though they were angry with me and spoke to me  in a condescending tone. 
I always stop at the stop signs while driving. 
I never stole anything even though I have been presented with numerous opportunities and I knew I wouldn’t get caught if I stole. 

Always contributed more at work even though I didn’t have to. 
Always donated food and cash to people in need and homeless people. 
Tutored kids at the local county’s library as a volunteer. 

Took my mom out whenever she needed for her needs , never declined. Whether she wanted to go shopping for clothing or grocery, a visit to temple or to a park.Her ailing health makes me cry,  but I pray to God and keep my faith in almighty. 



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