I’ll make you dance. 

You will pay the price of your sins. Everyone who cried because of you , now will be laughing as you go down , they will applaud as you sink deeper and deeper. Don’t beg for mercy , don’t pray because you will fail to beg , you won’t be pardoned . Can’t forgive you , sorry. Your family will watch the show , it is going to be a prime time. You can forgive yourself , I don’t mind , go ahead. Don’t accept anything from my side , can’t wait to light that fire. I will make sure fire extinguishers are nowhere to be found. You will enjoy the setup , you will laugh at yourself, talk about secret operation. We will see who intervenes, they will pay the price if they do so. Interrupt the operation and you will be penalised. I may be there , I may not, But they have been told to create memories. I will watch it and laugh over and over again , I will ask your picture “Now you tell me was it worth it?” Your family will wonder , why you’re paying the price , I am not going to tell them , it is not my responsibility. You will explain to everyone before you die why you’re guilty , I want them to know . We will have you start with background information , then you will state the facts about your actions. I don’t want to touch you , some other people will be taking care of this for me. Don’t get confused, this is for what you did to me not anyone else. Say bye to your family as they weep , final goodbye message must be delivered. Cowards pay the price, sooner or later. When it’s time , it’s time .

You’ll beg for mercy. Tears in your eyes and laughter on my face.

You’ll repent what you did to me.

May God forgive you because I won’t.

We’ll revisit every second of your sins and remember it together.I’ll make you reenact each action you took and word you spoke. You’ll have to say and do exactly what you did to me. If the enactment doesn’t accurately reflect what you had actually done, I’ll throw boiling oil on you.
I’ll force you to get naked and make you walk in public while you scream ” I’m coward”.

Your pain will be tenfold.
I’ll make you say sorry , ask desperately for forgiveness.

2 thoughts on “I’ll make you dance. 

  1. Hello! How are you today? I’ve read your Blog Posts and I gotta tell you, I am very amazed and astonished with your Writings. I hope to read more of your posts. I will definitely follow your Page and I hope you can follow me back. Thank you!

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