I desire her companionship. 

Sex is essential for a healthy and happy life.

The attractive person needs to know that you are attracted to them.You find them interesting and likable.
Tell them you like them , you want to hang out with them.
The woman I like is tall,slender,beautiful and attractive.
I want her company and love in my life.
Love and sex are what I desire in a pretty woman.
They make me full and satisfied.
I am non existent without them.
Her hair , oh I wanna kiss them.

I will lick her clit like a cat liking milk and a dog licking a bone .
Her pubic hair on my tongue and then between my lips.
No one knows I like her , not even her.I want her in my life, in my bed, by me .
I want to smell her, talk to her, feel her.

I want hold her from behind and grab her arms and give it to her from behind.
She will enjoy it and say my name while moaning for more.
I will make her sweat along with me and that means I will give her all I got.


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