How the cute bbws mesmerized me. 

They stared at me for a second and looked away.I became nervous, but I stil managed to smile and so did they.

It made me more nervous instead of offering relief when they smiled back.
I start sweating around forehead area when in such situations.
My Ego always comes in the way of learning, I am suffering and feeling lonely because of it.
Ladies, specially big ones fill me up with joy and exitement.There is something inside of me that starts sending signals that something life changing , depression vanishing , like candy for a kid, a dollar bill for a homeless,first home for a newly married couple , like that is coming through.And I shouldn’t mess up and let it slide by.
The fact that you are big and thick is more than enough to attract me towards you and make me nervous.
I wanna hold your big arms and hug you , feel your appealing and attractive biceps and smell your hairspray.
I wanna hold your hand and walk with you on the sea shore, I wanna see your hair ruffle with the sudden and unexpected wave of breeze.
I wanna see you shake your head to fix your hair.This will be a nice and memorable date for me.As I will be walking along with a thick woman and everyone will be watching us and thinking what is this pair?
Is it a mother and a son? A father and a daughter,yes it’s possible that I could be taken as a father because of a few gray hair on my head.
Would you be interested in performing the sccenes from 50 shades of Grey? Maybe we can revrse the roles, ahh we will certainly reverse the roles if you like.But be gentle no blood .
I wanna impress you on our first date , so much so that on that night you will say don’t even want to leave me. I want to leave you with an impresion that makes you say please stay with me , I don’t want to be left alone.
We will laugh together, wine and dine together, jump together ( if you are white , you will have to make an exception and jump with me),go to a movie and take a seat all the way in the back and in the corner, sing karaoke together.
No one will say anything to us , we will enjoy , let them hate and envy us .
I wonder if our baby will be born thick or slender like me , maybe our baby will be an average.Meaning average body type but not at all average personality and attitude , oh BBW our baby will be exceptionally unique ,talented and needless to say strong.

They say opposites attract so I know already that we are definitely a great match.You are thick while I am slender.
I hate carrying to go boxes when I can’t finish my food at restaurants because that forces me to go right back home and put that in refrigerator.When you are with me , you can just help me finish the food. oh on a sidenote the bigger you are the better. so I am happy that you will be possibly getting bigger with me.

We can dance on the dance floor and I will hold you and spin you , salsa will be good.It will be a challenge to lift you and run with you in my arms , not because you are heavy but because with you in my arms I would just want to kiss you not run with you.

Fine legs and thick thighs oh woman I want my head between those giant pillars.
I wanna watch you smoke, there’s something erotic about that.
The smoke that you will exhale oh my I just wanna hug and kiss that smoke.

Cake must be your favorite , as I have noticed is the case with most of the thick ladies.But which kind , I wonder.
You have to try this Indian restaurant with me , the food there is delicious .


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